Get Your Pixels @ StopPovertyNow.org

The Grameen Foundation was on top of microfinance before Kiva was a gleam in Matt Flannery's eye. Yet it was Kiva that took the social media bull by the horns, setting the bar high for other microfinance groups (and anyone with a mind to tackle social media/online fundraising). Wasn't it just last Christmas that Kiva had to turn away donations because they were oversold?

Raising money online is not that easy for everyone. (This is my annual "Understatement of the Year.")

That's why I'm so thrilled to learn about StopPoveryNow.org, a new online fundraising effort from the Grameen Foundation.

Grameen is selling A LOT of pixels for $10 a pop. (I purchased part of girl #2's left eye - that's my mom in the photo).

It's the Million Dollar Homepage with a Mission. Like when the Grinch got a heart beat.

This is a superb time to launch a fun donation platform. Word of mouth can take it far. And StopPoveryNow.org might just be the next best online fundraising case study. I hope you'll join me in making sure every pixel is purchased.


Alex, aka SocialButterfly said...

That is very, very cool. Thanks for sharing Qui!

Minjae said...

Thanks so much for posting about this, Qui. You've inspired me, as you can see: http://www.onepictureperday.com/post/59269146/stop-poverty-now-one-pixel-at-a-time

Anonymous said...

Hey there Ms. Diaz....Its good to see that SOMEONE I know is also trying to bring about social justice....Microfinancing is great, I learned about that in an Urban and Regional Planning class for developing areas. It really does empower women and bring about social change. In this one part of India, I forget the exact location, but as many of you well know, the social inequalities that women face their are extraordinary. In this one example (their are many), this women that was a part of a microfinancing program, started her business with 50 US, and it grew tremendously. Since she was empowered economically, she was no longer in a vulnerable position by just being a housewife, and considered a piece of property. Its terrible that it takes economic prosperity for women in places like India to overcome oppression, but if this is what it takes.....then....as you said in one of your blogs...do yo thang! Wesley Kraft-Davis

Qui Diaz said...

Wesley - thanks for dropping your two cents, I couldn't agree more. Hard to believe that empowerment is often based in financial self-sufficiency, but true. Would love to know where you took the urban planning class.

To Alex and Minjae, I knew both of you would love this. More pixels have filled up at StopPovertyNow.org, but far from being a complete picture!

Anonymous said...

WK-D Said....I took the Urban and regional planning class, surprisingly at Florida State