Kill Poverty

It's Blog Action Day (tomorrow) and this year's theme is poverty. I have griped about Blog Action Day in the past (volume of voice does not equate to change). This year there is a bigger focus on action (good), so act. It's time for open source activism, so do your thang.

If you think for one second that a green planet will do any good for a world of souls suffocated by despair, think again.

There are countless ways to kick poverty's ass. If you're reading my blog then you probably want to take advantage of social media for your own cause. In that case check out Skelliewag's 30 tips on for beating poverty with technology (hat tip to Jared).

My recommended action: Learn more about microfinance and do something to further the work of microlending organizations near you. It's not just about Kiva (although they've done a great job raising awareness for microfinance at large).
  • Grameen Foundation: Check out their FAQs on microfinance. Each year, more than 18 million people around the world die from poverty.
  • NEST: The 3-legged stool is here. Nest helps imoverished women artisans in developing countries by selling their wares on the open market and giving them micro loans to sustain their work.
  • See Call + Response with a friend. It's opening week at the theaters. By buying tickets, you will not only help keep it in cinemas longer, you'll also want to thwart modern slavery like never before. I've seen it twice - it's tremendous.

    Proceedsf for Call + Response (a 100% nonprofit film) go towards groups working to end slavery. I love the Outpost store for the Not For Sale campaign - proceeds go back, and you're creating sustainable business opportunities for emancipated people. Smart!
Give money. It's a recession. Don't waste money on holiday gifts - give donations on behalf of your loved ones to help your global neighbors. Consider one of the causes above, or anti-genocide and clean water efforts. Poverty takes so many forms, and its perpetually entertwined with health and death. We can fix that.

We really can fix that!

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blackrain said...

Well said. But people have to have a way to make money in order to give. This has to be a real grass roots movement.