Thoughts on Social Media Atrophy

A friend recently asked me how to get over "Qui-tosis."

Qui-tosis. Noun. Aversion to social media despite being fully immersed in social media personally and professionally. Coined by one Andre Blackman.

The pace and ego of the digital world can be overwhelming and downright paralyzing. On the otherhand, keeping your nose to the grind and head in the cloud can lead to . . .
Social media atrophy.

Atrophy is the wasting away/deterioration of cells and tissue. The idea applies pretty well to brains on the Internet. Too much time online and you go cross-eyed.

Apparently I am not the only one who wants to bring it "back to life, back to reality."

So what did I tell my friend when she asked how to remedy Qui-tosis?
  • Get away from the Internet. When was the last time you went dark? You need at least 3 days and I highly recommend traveling. A mental getaway is easier to launch with a physical departure.
  • Get away from Internet peers and friends. Instead, spend time with people who don't care about blogs and Facebook. It's a humble reminder that the majority of our world does not run online. This is critical for anyone trying to launch campaigns with audiences who aren't fully plugged in. What matters to them should matter to you.
  • Get your hands and feet dirty. Less talk, more action. All the dreams you share with others online -make them a reality. Have bodily experiences: cook, dance, garden, jog, swim get a massage, be touched/touch people you love (don't be creepy) and sleep. Bonus points for serving others instead of just focusing on yourself.
Inspiration will prevail. I know you will love Nikki McClure's book, "Collect Raindrops." It will remind you of things that matter to you. Keep the main thing, the main thing.

For my part, I am off on a 10 day getaway with my dispersed community of loved ones. It's so nice to be among the salt of the earth, away from the noise of the Web. (Except of course for this blog post and some Twitter action.)

And congrats again to my friends Genelle and Nate who just celebrated their wedding. They brought together their community of loved ones for 3 days in the woods of Montana. We sang our hearts out, danced our feet off, ate, drank, and found a new kind of communion. THAT is what I want to bring back to my DC community, and my online community.

Be blessed -


Andre Blackman said...

Thanks for the book recommendation Qui - enjoy this time off, so very necessary!

Barbara Kelly said...

Qui: I'm sending along my well wishes for your break, and also using your blog to say "thanks" for the time and enjoyable conversation last week at Taverna Cretekou (although not quite sure about Greek coffee!). I signed up to attend the Sept 23 Netsquared DC event with Anna Kupka, ammado's co-founder, so looking forward to seeing you there...and meeting Peter Deitz. Best wishes, Barbara

vanessamason said...

Hope that you enjoy the vacation. I just got back from one myself in Mendoza. It's great to unplug occasionally.