Social Media Soundtrack (feat. Hova, Cat & SnP)

The digital rodeo needs some beats, a lyrical backdrop.
What is the perfect playlist for this community?

To set the scene, the "community" is constantly plagued by industry in-fighting, which is so disenchanting and not at all sexy. Whether its one A-list blogger defaming another, or nasty comments left by people hiding behind their computer screens, or gurus blacklisting PR firms that are trying really hard to do right by the blogging community, it's tiring! And probably a big turn off for folks who are still trying to understand this space.

I propose that the following artists and tracks imbue a few of the many perceptions, lessons and ideals offered within our community. The good, the bad and the go-go.

The Social Media Playlist - Round 1
  • Jay-Z, Izzo (2001)

    There are blog stars/cewebrities that are more self righteous, played out, indignant and egotistical than you. In some cases, they're also pioneering, well-meaning, ridiculously awesome at what they do, and are here for the long-haul. Kinda like "Rap's Grateful Dead" himself.

    Choice Lyric:
    "Can't leave rap alone the game needs me | Haters want me clapped and chromed it ain't easy . . . | Not guilty | He who does not feel me is not real to me | Therefore he doesn't exist | So poof . . . vamoose son of a bitch. . . That's the anthem get ya damn hands up (holla at me)"

    (99 Problems also hits home with this lyric on busting compatriots for petty crimes: "Son do you know why I'm stoppin' you for? . . . you was doin fifty-five in a fifty-fo'".)
  • Cat Stevens, Can't Keep it In (1972)

    This one goes out to all the idealists in the room. You deserve your spot, now take it and share the love. As Jake would joke, "Make a joyful noise."

    Choice Lyric:
    "Oh I can't keep it in | can't keep it in | I've gotta let it out. . . | You got so much to say | say what you mean. | Mean what you're thinkin' | and think anything."
  • Salt n Pepa & E.U., Shake Your Thang (1988)

    1. It's your world, play your way
    2. Have fun playing with others but watch out for the high-top fade
    3. DC's go-go is still the best thing EVER.

    Choice lyric:
    "Shake your thang, owww | Do what you wanna do | I can't tell you how to catch a groove."
The first 3 tracks have been laid. I leave it to others to remix and name the album. Input from Ryan, Minjae, Andre, Alison, Jake, Leslie and Geoff would be rad; I know and respect their musical tastes. Anyone is welcome to guest DJ.

Image credit: roganferguson. How much do we love that Super Freak is on the turn table?


Larissa said...

What about - "4 minutes to save the world"? Haha.

Andre Blackman said...

If I Ruled the World - Nas feat Lauryn Hill

Touch the Sky - Lupe Fiasco

Comedown - Bush

Ready or Not - Fugees

Drive - Incubus (a favorite)

Geoff_Livingston said...

OK, I dropped my three:


bernard n. shull said...
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