MySpace Causes in the house

A lot of nonprofit professionals have asked the question, "which is a better vehicle for my organization's message, Facebook or MySpace?"

For a while now, I've tended to suggest that Facebook is the lesser evil. It has more features - like the popular "Facebook Causes"application, through which users can create/join a cause and recruit additional members and donors. Plus, Facebook seems to draw a more "serious" crowd, while MySpace caters to new artists and scary people from your past.

Too bad, I thought, because MySpace has a lot of freaking people on board (about 300 million now).

Well as I live and breathe, just this week MySpace opened up its platform to allow users to create their own applications on the site - following a successful move by Facebook this past year. Here's the full list of MySpace Apps. A "MySpace Causes" app was added as a part of this, and currently has ~380 active users, a number that is sure to escalate as word gets out to the thousands of nonprofits (and their supporters) currently profiled on MySpace Nonprofit Organizations.

I'd say the playing field just leveled out a bit.

The key to making the Causes app a success - regardless of where you're playing - is to first solicit support from your supporters. They're your easy sell, and will help you reach critical mass. The nature of Facebook (and now, MySpace) alerts will spread the word for you; each supporter you recruit will be multiplied.

You can focus your heavy lifting elsewhere, like strategy, and let your fans invite others to the party.

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Anonymous said...

Yeh - if they don't DELETE YOUR CAUSE