Kimchi in space | Qui in Korea

While plans are in place for freeze-dried kimchi to accompany Ko San - the first Korean astronaut in space - on his virgin voyage, I too am about to embark on a big first. South Korea or bust. I fly out tomorrow morning to visit these guys, who are in Seoul teaching English. My suitcase runneth over with baking pans, oregano, cinnamon, size 10 women's shoes, pillow cases, beef jerky, "non-watery lotion," and other commodities they've gone without since October. I love being a big sis.

My limited knowledge of Korean culture comes by way of dear friends like Diane, Donna and Minjae; I'm really looking forward to learning more. So far, I know that the trip will include
  • A jimjil-bang (quoting my hilarious brother Trevor: "we'll talk about it when you get here.")

  • A trip to the DMZ (". . . we can talk about that, too"). I actually had to ask Trev what the DMZ is. Yep. Not so much like the DMV...or is it? Pretty sure we'll see a nice metaphor out of this.

  • No canine consumption. I know how to say/spell 'dog' in Korean (thank you Minjae) and it just ain't happenin' folks.

  • Perhaps some wi-fi in the park.
Okay then. Na-Juung-eh-bayo! (I think that means "See You Later.")

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Jared Goralnick said...

Have a safe and really fun trip, Qui!