2008 Nonprofit Academy Awards

This year marks the 14th annual Washington Post Award for Excellence in Nonprofit Management. ("Do Good Grammies" sounds more fun, no?)

Offered in partnership with the DC's Center for Nonprofit Advancement, the membership association for local nonprofits, the award is not intended for the biggest & wealthiest charity on the block. Rather, it seeks out the most brilliant diamond in the rough; one managing to turn management issues into day-to-day triumphs (in areas such as finances, resource development, diversity, governance, etc.).

Susan Sanow, the Center's Deputy Executive Director of Programs, has been running the Award all 14 years. She's giddy about the fact that the New York Times has replicated the program.

"It's a great accomplishment with the two largest newspapers in the country are recognizing and honoring excellence in nonprofit management."

Following presentation of the award, the winner's best practices are presented to other applicants, and shared more widely after the fact. Per Susan, "One [nonprofit] wins, hundreds benefit."

I've worked with Susan in the past and was eager to join the Selection Committee for this year's award. We're in the midst of reviewing applications* right now, and to say it's inspiring work would be a bit of an understatement. It's not enough to say that the rounds of planning and delivery that nonprofit staff and boards go through each day to to serve their communities is astounding. It's not enough to say that the submissions I've been reviewing are equally astounding, or that I am humbled.

But I like how Susan expressed her own gratification: "If there's nothing else I do in my life, at least I know this is done."

The winner will be announced in late Spring. The hard work goes on all year.

Happy 2008 to our nation's nonprofits.

(And, as an aside, Happy One Year Anniversary to this here blog.)

*Applicant names withheld for confidentiality


Andre said...

Happy anniversary and happy new year, my dear...great things coming in 2008!

CresceNet said...
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The Women's said...

Hi there, great blog! I love the idea of the "Do Good Grammies."

We're launching our own version of a "Do Good Awards" vote next month online and I wanted to send you a press release about it. Do you have an email address where I could contact you?

Thanks! Lisa-Washington Area Women's Foundation (lkays@wawf.org)

Qui said...

@Andre - thanks for the love!

@Lisa - I'd love to hear more and will connect with you over email to discuss the best way to get me info. In general, a press release is not the way to go for blog outreach - a personalized summary of info with top points highlighted is GREAT. I can be reached at qui.diaz@gmail.com.