Using "New" Media

(I put "new" in quotes because the better adjective is "social," no?)

Still at the "New Media Nouveaux" event out at the Tower Club. Our current panel on the importance of social media features Kim Hart of the Washington Post, Pamela Sorensen of Pamela's Punch, and Jill Stelfox of Defywire.

Defywire is a great example of a small/midsize business who has embraced the digital space and, in turn, reaped the benefits of getting in the game.

This tech company has a relatively philanthropic mission: keeping kids safe. They do so with a mobile-enabled monitoring platform which teachers and school administrators can easily use on their hand-held devices to keep track of students and report on crises. Jill, CEO, saw the interest this garnered in the online tech community and Defywire has been participating in that conversation ever since.

Moderator Jen Sterling of Hinge is my link to this event - she and I met at Social Media Club earlier this summer and she asked me to present today. I love Hinge and their excellent (free) e-newsletter on branding, Pivot.

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