Speaking of hypocrisy

Blogging is fun and easy, but I don't practice what I preach. This is now more apparent to me than ever since, as a result of the New Media Nouveaux conference, a few cool people in 'the biz' are:

1) Aware of my blog (good)
2) Have visited my blog (good . . . but slightly embarrassing)
3) Have straight up told me to move to the WordPress platform. (Ken Yarmosh, Aaron Brazell, Geoff Livingston).

The fellas have spoken. Thanks for the inspiration & motivation. I'll get right on that!


JESS3 said...

dood, you gotta use a real URL, drop the blogpost stuff. you should move to wordpress also.. and try mybloglog.

Qui said...

Yes but, who will I get to design my blog? Hmmm...

clo*bee said...

Well you could certainly do all of these things and move into the mass-audience blog market, but is that really what you're after? Personally, I love your online presence already.

Am I biased? :)