The Juice

Italian marvel-makers Illy opened their first U.S. coffee shop in DC a couple months ago, and only 4 of us know about it.

Good thing, too, because it takes about 5 minutes for each lovingly swirled latte to be created. The other morning I got to the cafe a few minutes after the other few in-the-know folks, and I had to wait 10 minutes for my latte.

But the baristas smile, the napkins are high-quality fiber, the cup sleeves are designed well, and you know, it's Illy.

As an aside, when they first opened I dropped by and ordered my latte to go, but they didn't offer to-go cups! I walked out. They had good intentions to help Americans embrace the concept of sipping espresso and taking time to enjoy the experience, but DC is the wrong city for that. They brought in to-go cups within 2 weeks.

So, Illy is worth the wait. Their to-go cups are brand badges that will create more patrons.

This all got me thinking, where are my fellow coffee fans online?

They're there, but fragmented. I'll get into it more in my next post.

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clo*bee said...

How can you possibly savor an Italian espresso in a to-go cup? There shall be none of that in Napoli bella! :)