Joy in the Tentacles

And here is a cross-post of my recap of today's event on the agency blog:

Joy in the Tentacles

I hate squid. So Wednesday’s news of the 550lb “whopper” that washed up in Australia did not bring me much joy.


(This thing is the size of a school bus).

Nor does the thought of calamari, which most of my coworkers enjoy greatly. (Can we please order another appetizer?!)

Still, squid/octopi/jellyfish offer such terrific potential for allegory. Case in point, this quote by Dodie Smith:

“The family, that dear octopus from whose tentacles we never quite escape, nor in our innermost hearts never quite wish to.”

Read that quote again but substitute the word “family” with “social media” or “blogging,” and we’ve got ourselves an interesting metaphor.

Here goes.

Your relationship with social media was (or will be) a love/hate relationship from the beginning. Today, as I met many people who want to “get in the game,” my love for social media was reinvigorated . . .again.

It happened at Success in the City’s “New Media Nouveaux” event this morning. About 50 eager-to-embrace business leaders got together to learn about the importance of social media and how to do it. Sitting on a panel with Alice Marshall (Presto Vivace) and Jennifer Cortner (EFX Media) – two very smart minds – I reveled in the opportunity to share our enthusiasm for this crazy thing we do.

That is, help our respective clients navigate the waters of social media.

There are big squid and octopus-type creatures in the deep blue of Web 2.0. Sometimes it feels like you’re in the trenches, fighting off beasts, gasping for air.

Our moderator, Andrea Morris of Write Ideas Marketing, closed our panel with an important question about engaging in social media: “Once you get started, how do you prevent burn out?”

I had one minute to give my answer. I said: “Find the joy.”

I explained that we (panelists) weren’t up there because it was our day job. We were there because we love social media. And, because most of the leaders in the room have hopefully decided to purse careers at companies they respect (or better yet, like), engaging in social media is a great excuse to geek out with people who they have a lot in common with. At the very least, they’ll get tangled up with people who have similar goals or concerns. That can’t be bad, in the end.

The point: keep the pleasurable aspects of your online engagement top of mind, and you’ll make it.

So, that’s an insider look at where I am (at present) with my social media love affair. And if you’re reading this and still struggling with the idea of tentacles as appealing, a better image might be from the LOST episode when Jack and Kate got stuck together in the net.


you + social media = passionate entanglement. Rowr!

Update: Geoff Livingston, Ken Yarmosh and Andrea Morris blogged great follow ups on the event.


Andrea Morris said...

Great post Qui! And, might I add, you were fantastic on the panel!

Alas *deep sigh*, I share your love affair. Somehow I feel complete, yet overwhelmed with all this new media stuff. Great quote about the octopus, btw - very deep and thought provoking.

Geoff_Livingston said...

Thanks, Qui. You did a great job on the panel, and I am sure your blogging future is bright!

Qui said...

You guys are terrific, and I'm fortunate to have had the opportunity to meet you both (and the other great speakers/attendees).

Now that I'm sharing this link with folks like you, I really need to "dress" for the occasion. Look for a new and improved evangeLIST soon!