Coffeeholics, Unite!

I got curious about who is evangelizing about coffee online. As you might expect, there are a lot of coffeeholics out there. Almost 8,500 blogs are tagged as "coffee," and just under 300 are tagged as "fairtrade."

Coffee = community. So although plenty of people are blogging about their poison, I was surprised to not find an obvious online community of coffee lovers.

I dug and found plenty of local message boards and groups about coffee, mostly hosted by the smart indie coffee shops who have MySpace profiles or Google groups (like DC's beloved Eastern Market coffee shop, Murky).

It's great that baristas have taken their passion and friendships online, but I wonder if we can't amass an even larger army of people who, in our exceedingly individualistic society, have at least this one thing in common. Nurses, techies, moms, truckers, anyone who has a cubical, anyone who has an office, anyone who has a boss for that matter. Coffee is the tie that binds. It's the great equalizer.

CoffeePedia, anyone?


Nick said...

Good idea!


Qui said...

Thanks, Murky Man. We'll have fireworks on launch day of the big online coffee network :)

clo*bee said...

So is Murky in DC or Arlington? Cuz I know the one in Arlington and it absolutely rocks! Ok, answering my own question... they seem to have a few locations without getting that "we're taking over the world" thing going on like some other coffee chains that we all know.